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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 8

It was a twenty minute drive once she got on the Interstate and five minutes to the Interstate, but she could still get there and then get home on time. Half an hour later she pulled up to the building next to the truck stop and parked. She walked into the Pink Pussycat adult book store and arcade and the eyes of a dozen men turned to look at her. Before the night at the hotel those looks would have made her blush and she would have turned and fled. But that was then and this was now and the woman who had sucked off strangers on a train wasn't about to be put off by the lust in their eyes.

She walked over to the area where all the sex aids were displayed. Lifelike vulvas, blow up dolls (both male and female she noticed) and dildos of all sizes, shapes and colors. Some were plastic, some were molded rubber and some were battery operated and as she stood there trying to make up her mind she heard a low voice an aisle away say:

"Think she might like to try the real thing?"

Another voice said, "Wanna try and get her in the backroom and find out?"

There were more whispers and her pussy got wet as she imagined them actually pulling her into the backroom. Would it be dark like the tunnel? "Oh my God, get a grip" she told herself, "Buy what you came here to get and get out and go home."

She picked out two: a battery operated vibrator and a molded rubber dildo just a little bigger than Rajesh's cock. She took them to the counter and as she was paying for them she saw the entrance to the arcade off to her right. She had never been in one and she looked at her watch and saw that she still had some time. She paid for her fake cocks, bought some tokens and went into the arcade. There was a line of booths along each wall and she went into one of the booths, closed and locked the door behind her. She noticed that there were holes in the walls of the booth and she wondered if they were what she had heard called ‘glory holes'.

She sat down and fed the tokens into the machine and immediately the screen in front of her came to life and she saw two men in a sixty-nine. Not her cup of tea at all so she reached out and pushed one of the buttons on the machine and the scene changed to a transsexual sucking a cock while a man sucked his tit and another man sucked on his cock. She hit another button and saw a big titted housewife sucking of a black man. She watched it for a bit and then hit another button and the scene on the screen was a Indian girl doing what she, Akshay and Mukesh had been doing Saturday morning.

The scene on the screen and the memory made her so hot that she unzipped her jeans and started rubbing her pussy, but rubbing wasn't enough so she stood up and wiggled out of her jeans and thong. She spread her legs wide and her fingers went to work. She moaned and it attracted attention and she saw movement at the ‘glory hole' to her left. She looked and she saw eyes looking through the hole at her.

"Oh God" she moaned and drove her fingers into her pussy harder. It was just like the night The Watcher had seen her; a faceless stranger seeing her most intimate parts. She looked at the eyes staring at her pussy as her fingers rubbed her clit and she almost cried out, "No! Don't go" as the eyes left the hole. Almost immediately a cock came through the hole and as she looked at it part of her wanted to stop what she was doing and kneel down and take it in her mouth, but the other part was screaming at her to get herself off.

She kicked off her sandals and turned her body so her back was against the wall for bracing. She twisted her body so she could take the cock between her bare feet. She pushed the feet along the cock until they were planted on the wall with the cock held tight between them and then she attacked her pussy with her fingers while the unknown and faceless stranger fucked her feet.

She was moaning as she furiously fingered herself and she felt her climax coming. She was looking at the cock she was giving a foot job to when it suddenly spit out a rope of cum that just barely missed her ankles and fell to the floor. The sight of the sperm shooting out of the cockhead was enough to send her over the edge and her body trembled at the strength of her orgasm.

She sat there panting for a minute and then she bent down to pick up her jeans and thong and as she bent to retrieve them a cock came through the hole on her right. She looked at it. Another cock attached to a faceless stranger, just like the cocks on the train. She reached out and touched it and it throbbed. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it a couple of times and was leaning forward to take it in her mouth when she caught herself.

"No damn, no!" she thought, she had promised herself that she would take her life back once she was in the new house. Teasing and exhibitionism only. No cock inside her but Rajesh's. She let go of the cock and stood up and put on her jeans. The cock stayed where it was, hoping perhaps that she was just repositioning herself before coming back. She looked at it sticking through the wall and she wanted it, God but did she ever want it. She reached down and took it in her hand and stroked it. What would it hurt? It wasn't like she'd never done it before. She saw a drop of pre-cum appear at the pee hole and her resolve weakened. No! She wouldn't suck the faceless man off, but even though she was a tease she wasn't mean. She had given the man encouragement by handling him so the least she could do for him was get him off. She began working his cock with her hand and in only minutes she was rewarded by spurts of sperm shooting out of the cock and splashing down onto the floor. The cock pulled back from the hole and seconds later she heard to door of the booth open. She sat back and waited a bit for the man to leave the arcade section. He would know who she was when he saw her go back into the store proper, but she wanted him to remain faceless.

While she sat waiting for him to get clear she heard the door close and seconds later another cock came through the hole. The second cock was shorter than the first, but much fatter. She glanced at her watch and saw that she really needed to be going, but something drew her to the cock and she took it in her hand and began jacking it off. It took her a little longer to make it shoot and then it pulled back and she heard the man leave the booth.

"That's it" she said to herself, "No more. Get yourself out of here and get on home."

She stood up to leave and was reaching for the door latch when another cock came through the hole. She caught her breath as she looked at it. It was black. The only black cock she had ever seen before was the one on the screen when she first came into the booth. She knew that she had never had a black one on the train and as she stared at it she wondered if it would taste different. She could see the veins pulsing and she reached down and touched it and felt it throb. She grasped it and stroked it several times and it didn't feel any different than any of the other cocks she'd had her hands on. She noticed the pre-cum on the head and she ran her thumb over the head and then brought it to her mouth and sucked on it. It seemed to taste the same as other pre-cum she had tasted. She might never have a chance like this again and honestly now, it would only be one more in a long line and it would satisfy her curiosity. She was already on her way to her knees when she caught herself. She let go of the black cock and rushed out of the booth and practically ran from the store to her car.

She had spent more time in the adult bookstore than she had meant to and it was after one when she got home and saw the truck parked out front. Wouldn't you know it? They give you a three hour window of from one to four and if you stayed home waiting the would probably show up at a quarter to five with a ton of excuses, but leave the house and come back five minutes late and there they are waiting for you.

She got out of the car and headed for the front door and as she went up the front walk toward the porch she saw the rose bushes and her pussy tingled. She unlocked the front door just as the cable guy came up on the porch behind her.

"I've hooked up everything outside" he said, "I just need to do the inside stuff. Since you had the house wired for cable when it was built it shouldn't take me long."

She let him in the house, showed him where all the outlets were and then went back out to the car and started carrying the shopping into the house. She was carrying the last of the bags into the house when she tripped on the rug in the entry way. She managed to catch herself and kept from falling, but she dropped the bags she was carrying and when they hit the floor one of the broke open. It was the bag from the adult bookstore and the fake cock slid across the floor and stopped when it hit the shoe of the cable guy. He bent, picked it up and looked at it.

"Pretty real looking, isn't it?" he said as he stepped toward her and handed it to her. She just knew that her face had to be beet red as she took it from him. He bent and picked up the vibrator. He looked at it and then at her.

"Why does a gorgeous lady like you need two fakes? I can't believe you can't get enough of the real thing, not someone who looks as sexy as you do."

She just looked at him speechless, to embarrassed to speak. He handed her the vibrator and when she reached for it he took her wrist and pulled her to him. His mouth covered hers and his tongue pushed at her lips and parted them. She dropped the dildo and the vibrator and put both hands against his chest to push him away, but she just could not seem to summon the strength to do it.

His mouth was alive on hers and all she had to do to break the kiss was pull her head back from him and her brain sent the signal to her body to do it, but she didn't; she just stood there and let him kiss her. No, she was doing more than that - she was kissing him back.
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