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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 7

She and Rajesh had timed their move to coincide with the start of her spring break. She had mixed emotions as she looked toward the move. She was eager to be in the new house, but moving would take her away from Akshay and Mukesh. The new house would also put and end to her train rides and the slut in her would really miss those trips through the tunnel. There was something terribly erotic and exciting about taking the cock of an unknown and faceless stranger in her mouth. Why she had done it the first time and why she had let it continue she didn't understand any more than she understood why the men did it since two-thirds of them were never able to get off before the trip through the tunnel was over.

She looked at her watch and saw that it was almost eight. The kids were over at Rajesh's moms for the weekend so she didn't have to worry about them getting in the way. Rajesh had borrowed his cousin's twenty-four foot enclosed Haulmark trailer and pick up truck and they were parked in the driveway already hooked up and ready to go. They had been loading boxes into the trailer all week and Akshay and Mukesh were supposed to be there at eight to help her load a few more boxes and then they were going to go over to the new house with her and unload the trailer. By the time they got back Rajesh would be home from playing golf and he and the two boys would begin loading the furniture.

She sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee while waiting for the boys and as she waited she thought about her last week on the train. Monday and Tuesday were typical, but Wednesday morning she had changed the game. She still kept her eyes on the floor and closed them when she sat down, but Wednesday when she heard the zipper go down she reached for the zippers of the two men sitting next to her and got their cocks out. She stroked them while the man in her mouth fucked her face. She did the same thing going home that night and again going to work and coming home on Thursday.

Friday morning she changed the game again. As soon as the man on the right had his cock out she stood up, pulled her skirt to her waist and sat down on the man's cock. It was so wicked, erotic and exciting that she came as the cock lanced upwards inside her. She bounced up and down on it as she sucked on the man standing in front of her. When the man she was sucking started to pull back from her she got off of the man whose cock she was riding and sat back down on her seat.

She had been so hot thinking about her morning train ride that it had been hard to concentrate on her classes. But if she had surprised them that morning, that night she had blown them away. They didn't know that she was riding the train for the last time and their jaws dropped as she strutted down the aisle to take her seat. She looked like a two-dollar whore in a short skirt, low cut blouse and five-inch "fuck me" heels. She had no bra or panties and when she sat down her skirt had ridden up and she had spread her legs wide so that anyone who wanted could take a look at her pussy.

She did not keep her eyes on the floor nor did she close them. She looked around at the men and let her glance linger on each one for a second or two as she wondered if he had been one of the ones to enjoy the use of her mouth. The tunnel was coming up and the men on either side of her moved closer. She had liked the looks of the man sitting on her left so she reached for his zipper and was groping for his cock before they even got to the tunnel. Just before they entered the tunnel, while it was still light enough for everyone to see she stood up, turned and bent at the waist and spread her legs wide. With her hands on his thighs for support she lowered her head, swallowed his cock, and her head started bobbing up and down as she waited to see if anyone would accept her open invitation. She smiled as she heard the zipper and just as the train entered the tunnel she felt the hard cock enter her pussy. Before the train came out of the tunnel she came, the man in her mouth came, but the man fucking her hadn't.

"Finish it" she moaned and she held her position as the train shot out of the darkness into the light. "Finish it, cum in me, give me a baby" she hissed.

She looked around the car and saw all eyes on her as the man behind her stabbed himself into her in a frantic effort to get himself off. Jesus, it had been just so hot and slutty as she had looked from man to man as her fucker groaned and she felt the hot wetness fill her. The man pulled out and she stood up and turned to face him and kissed him and forced her tongue into his mouth.

"Hopefully you just knocked me up" she told him even though she knew that it was impossible for him to have done so. Her stop was called and she pushed her skirt down and strutted over to the door leaving them all wondering if they would be the lucky one to fuck her next. They would think of her all weekend, but they would never see her again.

She was hot enough to melt when she got home. Poor Rajesh never knew what hit him when he walked in the door. Luckily his parents had picked up the kids from school to keep them for the weekend so she didn't have to hold back. She was surprised he had enough strength left to get out of bed that morning. She heard the doorbell and got up to let the boys in.


She was driving the pick up and Mukesh and Akshay were on the seat next to her with Akshay in the middle. She was wondering if they could get the trailer unloaded in time to get back to the old house in time to have some fun when Akshay reached over and tugged on the zipper of her jeans. She pushed his hand away and said:

"Behave yourself, we can't be doing anything in public."

She smiled when she said it because she knew full well that if he was driving she would have had his cock in her mouth by then. That was another change in her since the night in the hotel room. Before that night she had always been lukewarm about oral sex and when she had sucked Rajesh she had never let him cum in her mouth. Now it seemed like cocks were a magnet for her mouth and she must have swallowed a gallon of sperm in the last two months. She was just sorry that none of it had been Rajesh's. She would eventually swallow his, but first she had to get him used to her new oral talent. She hadn't dared go from one partial blow job every two or three months to sucking on him every time they made love, from never letting him cum in her mouth to swallowing every drop. Rajesh was not a stupid man and he would wonder about the sudden change and she didn't need that. She was bringing him along slowly. He was getting more head now than he had ever gotten before, but she still hadn't swallowed any of his cum. She had set the stage the last two times they had made love. She had let him cum in her mouth and she had swished it around a bit before spitting it out. She would swallow him the first time they made love in the new house and then tell him she did it to make their first time in the new house special. And of course once started there would be no reason to stop.

She heard a zipper and she looked over to see Akshay pull out his cock. He stroked it a couple of times and then took hold of her right wrist and pulled her hand down to his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and jacked it a couple of times before taking her hand away.

"Put it away Akshay. Not in public and not in broad daylight. I'll take care of your problem later, I promise."
It had taken them an hour and a half to unload the trailer and when they were done she went into the kitchen ands was washing her hands at the kitchen sink when Akshay came up behind her and reached around and cupped her tits in his hands. She felt his erection pushing against her butt and she decided not to wait until they returned to the old house. There was no bed but she thought back to the day before when she had been taken from behind while standing up.

"Pull my jeans down Akshay" she said, "Hurry baby, I need it."

The guy wasted no time in getting her jeans and the thong she was wearing off her. She bent over the sink, spread her legs and waited for Akshay to shove his hard cock into her. She moaned as his dick slid into her hot, wet hole and she hissed:

"Oh yeah lover, fuck mommy, fuck me hard."

Mukesh walked in and saw what was going on and he said, "Cool" and stripped off his jeans and boxers. He jumped up on the counter and said to Akshay:

"Move her on down here so she can suck my cock while you fuck her."

Without removing his cock Akshay shuffled the two of them sideways until she was in front of Mukesh. His cock was jutting up out of his lap and she lowered her head and started licking it. Akshay fucked her hard while she braced herself with her hands against the counter top and her head bobbed up and down on Mukesh. Mukesh came first and she swallowed his offering and kept on sucking on him. He was just starting to grow again when Akshay grunted and she felt him cum. Mukesh took his fresh hard on and moved behind her while Akshay got up on the counter and pulled her head down to his slimy dick. Mukesh drove into her and she started licking, kissing and sucking Akshay's limp meat.

Through the window she could see into the neighbor's backyard and she saw the two brothers doing yard work. The tallest one glanced her way and then said something to his brother and his brother also looked in her general direction. Did they know? Could they see what she was doing? Oh God, that would be so hot! Not even knowing them, but them already knowing that their new neighbor was a slut. She was tempted to wave at them just to see if they would wave back. The thought that they might be seeing their new neighbor being fucked by boys no older than themselves inflamed her.

"Fuck me honey, fuck me" she moaned as Mukesh banged away at her. "Push your cock deep baby, make me cum."

It took him almost five minutes to bust his nut and then he swapped places with Akshay again.
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