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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 6

Renuka caught a cab to the address Rajesh had given her. It was a hotel and the cocktail party was being held in one of the ballrooms on the basement level. There were some people there she knew, people who worked with Rajesh and who she had met at his company Christmas parties and other cocktail parties. She and Rajesh circulated and socialized and she was introduced to a half a hundred people who she promptly forgot since she knew she would never see them again.

She had been at the party for an hour and a half when she heard her cell phone beep. She knew who it was before she even took the phone out of her purse. She looked at the display and it read "Private call." She just wouldn't answer it. She would not play his sick games; she just would not take the call. But as the phone continued to beep she felt her pussy dampen and with a sharp little noise of what was probably despair she pushed the button and said:


"Good evening slut, are you ready?"

"Ready? Ready for what?"

"You know what you little cock-sucking whore. Go to the elevator and take it to the fourth floor."


"Because I will be waiting for you slut. It is going to happen. You and I both know it will happen, so let's get it over with. Take the elevator to the fourth floor. Do it now slut."

He disconnected and she stood there looking at the phone in her hand. He was there! He was there in the building and somehow he had known that she would be there at the cocktail party. Who was he? How did he know so much about her? The answer of course was on the fourth floor.

She glanced around the room and saw Rajesh in conversation with a couple of men. She dropped her cell phone in her purse and walked over to the doorway to the ballroom. Just opposite was the bank of four elevators, any one of which could take her to the fourth floor, take her to the answers to her questions. Her pussy tingled, she could tell that her nipples were stiff inside her bra and in her minds eye she could see the form in the window across the alley with his hand on his cock as he watched Rajesh fuck her on the hotel bed.

So simple, just walk the twenty-five feet and push the button. She remembered his hot breath on her neck and the way his fingers felt in her pussy and she shivered when she remembered the way he had called her "slut." She had just taken her first step toward the elevators when from behind her she heard:

"There you are. Are you ready to go?"

She turned and saw Rajesh walking toward her. She cast a glance at the elevators and then said:

"Yes dear, I'm ready if you are."

On the way home she told Rajesh, "There is no school tomorrow and I've already asked Akshay to help me around the house. Do you have anything you need done?"

"No. Just clear Neeta's list is all I can think of. I've decided to go the estimate route on the patio. I have a contractor coming to give me a bid on it Saturday. I should be home from the golf course before he gets there. What are you going to do to morrow?

"Move some things from the attic out into the garage and sort through them and have Akshay paint the wall between the bathroom and the kids room."

She slid over next to Rajesh and her hand went to his fly. She pulled down his zipper and worked his cock out and then bent her head to take it in her mouth. She almost giggled at the thought that she was giving out her going home blow job after all.

She had the area taped off and a plastic drop cloth covering the floor when Akshay got there. She was wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts that were cut so short that her pussy hairs would have stuck out had she not been clean shaven. With the shorts she wore a very loose halter top and she wasn't wearing a bra. Akshay would definitely get an eyeful that day and that would just be BEFORE she took her shower.

When the doorbell rang she ran to open the door and let Akshay in. She gave him a big smile and a big surprise when she took his arm and practically pulled him into the house. She pulled him to her and gave him a tight hug. She pressed her breasts into his chest and hoped that he could feel her rock hard nipples and then she pulled back and kissed him on the cheek.

"I just want to thank you honey. I really do appreciate all the help you are giving me. Let me grab my list and we can get started."

They spent the next hour moving things from the attic and the basement out into the garage and then she showed him where the paint and brushes were and took him upstairs and pointed out the area she wanted painted.

"While you paint the wall I'm going to take a quick shower."

She went into her bedroom while Akshay went back out to the garage to get the paint. She very carefully left the door open so that there was about a two inch gap between the door and the door jamb and then she went to the middle of the room and looked back at the gap. If Akshay could see as much looking in as she could see looking out he was in for the tease of his life.

She took a quick shower and when she came out she could see him setting up to paint. She walked out to the center of the room and stood there, in profile, as she used a towel to dry off her body. Out of the corner of her eye she could see him standing there, still as a statue, as he looked through the gap at her. Moreover, she could see him rubbing the lump in his pants. She thought back to the day she had watched him jack off and she wondered how she could arrange to see him do it again.

Her body dry she went to work toweling her hair. Standing there with her arms up as she toweled her head she knew that her breasts were thrust out and she could feel his eyes devouring her. She tossed the towel aside and walked over to the dresser and got the body lotion. Moving around as if she was totally unaware that the door was open she opened the lotion bottle and then started rubbing lotion on her body. First her arms. Slowly, taking her time, she did one arm and then the other. A glance out of the corner of her eye showed Akshay rooted in place and staring through the gap between the door and the doorframe.

Her arms done she started on her upper body, paying particular attention to her breasts as she slowly rubbed the lotion on. She cupped her breasts in her hands and tweaked the nipples and then moved down to her belly. Another corner of the eye glance showed that Akshay hadn't moved an inch from where he was standing when she started. She caught her breath as she saw he had taken his cock out and was slowly stroking it. She needed to move so she could see without him knowing. She turned her back to him, spread her legs and bent at the waist to rub lotion on the backs and fronts of her legs.

She looked back through her spread legs and she could see him working his cock. "Oh my God" she thought, "This is so hot" as she ran her fingers through her pussy lips as she moved her hand to spread lotion on the cheeks of her ass. She closed her eyes as her fingers stroked her pussy and imagined herself on the train going into the tunnel with Akshay standing in front of her. The thought sent shivers through her body. She heard a sound and opened her eyes and saw that Akshay was no longer in the hall watching. The door was wide open and Akshay was in the room and coming toward her.

No!!! This was not the way it was suppose to happen. She needed to get up and run into the bathroom and lock the door behind her. He moved toward her, but she could not make herself move. She looked back through her legs and saw his hands reach for her. She felt him grab her hips and the, "No Akshay, don't" died in her throat as she felt the head of the lil boys cock push at her pussy and she let out a long, low moan as his cock slid into her already hot and dripping pussy. He pushed into her a half dozen times and she felt him spurt.

"No," she moaned, "No, not yet" but it was too late because he already had. She turned and went to her knees in front of the boy and took his cock in her mouth. "I'll get you back" she moaned as her lips locked around him, "I'll get you back". She had him hard in no time and she stood up and pulled him over to the bed. She got on her knees and moaned, "Hurry honey, hurry" and was almost instantly rewarded as Akshay's hard cock lanced into her. She was naked and he still had all of his clothes on, but she didn't care. All she cared about was the stiff dick plowing her pussy. She urged him on, begging him to fuck her harder, to make her cum, and he plowed away at her. She did have one orgasm before he came and when he did she pushed him off of her, spun around and went after his cock with her mouth again. It took a little longer to get him back up that time, but as soon as he was hard she mounted him and fucked him again.

She was lying there and folding him while he sucked on her breast and she said:

"You know that no one can ever know about this right?"

"Yes ma'am."

"I'm serious Akshay, no one, not even your best buddy can ever know. If word gets out it could get back to my husband and he would put a stop to it. He would probably throw me out of the house. We don't want that do we? We wouldn't be able to do it anymore and you do want to do it some more don't you?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Go paint the wall honey. I'll wait here for you."

He got off the bed and rushed out to do the wall and through the open door she watched him as she fingered herself. She had to keep it warm for him, didn't she? She fingered her pussy as she watched Akshay through the open door. He looked so cute as she watched his naked body move back and forth as he moved from one end of the wall to the other. He kept glancing in at her lying on the bed, fingers busy in her pussy, and she could see his erect cock bobbing as he walked. Twice he had put the brush down and headed for the bed, but both times she had stopped him and had told him not until he had the first coat on the wall.

As she watched Akshay work she wondered at the changes that had come over her since that night in the hotel room.
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