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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 11

She was fixing dinner when the phone rang. She grabbed the cordless and said, "Hello?"

"Good evening slut. Just wanted you to know that I'm back and thinking of you. I'm thinking that next week might be a good time to fuck you senseless. What do you think?"

"I think you have an inflated ego. No way one man is going to be able to fuck me senseless. If anyone got wasted it would be you in trying to keep up with me. But that is neither here nor there because you are never going to get me" and she hung up on him

Rajesh came into the room and asked her who was on the phone.

"Another one of those damned telemarketers."

"We need to get on that "no call" list. What's for dinner?"

"Have you been taking your vitamins sweetie?" Renuka asked her husband when they climbed into bed that night.


"Well sweetie, I gave you a pass on Wednesday and Thursday so tonight you have to play catch up?"

"What has gotten into you lately Renu?"

"You sweetie."

"Well yeah, but why have we suddenly gone from two or three times a week to every time we are alone together?"

"Hormones sweetie. I had to change my birth control pills and the new ones have had an effect on my hormones."

"Why did you change birth control pills?"

"Our new HMO will only pay for the generic equivalent so I had to change. I've been told that it will level out after a bit" she said as she reached for his cock. It was as good an excuse as any she thought as she took his cock in her mouth and it wasn't likely that he would look into it. As long as he never found out the real reason she would be okay. She took her mouth off of him and looked up at him and smiled.

"If the pressure is too much for you sweetie I could always take a lover or two to help you out. Would you like me to do that?"

"Get back to what you were doing woman."

She giggled and said, "Somehow I thought that might be your response" and she went back to sucking his cock.


That Saturday she switched from Wal-Mart she usually went to to a K-Mart. The reason for the change was that she had found that the particular K-Mart she was going to had curtains instead of doors on the changing booths. She found that if she left the curtain open about six inches on the right side and then stood in front of the mirror changing, the men shopping for pants and shirts in Men's Clothing could see through that six inch gap and see her in the mirror.

She pushed her shopping cart through the store and let the men check her out in her short skirt, low cut blouse and five inch heels. When she had the interest of several she headed for the changing booths. She had two skirts and three blouses to try on and it should make for a hell of a show since she wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

She went into the booth and adjusted the curtain the way she wanted it and then looked into the mirror. She could see through the gap into the men's clothing section and she kept her eye on that gap as she took off her blouse. Renuka smiled as she saw one of the men who had been following her through the store standing next to a rack of trousers and looking her way. He had a pair of trousers in his hands, but he was not looking at them like a real buyer would. No, he was looking at her and she tingled as she cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

He was there and he was hooked and so she turned her attention to giving him an aching hard on. Renuka caressed her breasts and then moved her hands down to unbutton the skirt. She slowly pushed the skirt down and stepped out of it. She looked at her self in the full length mirror knowing that the man could see her standing there in only her "Fuck Me" heels. She turned to look at her left profile and then her right and then she started trying on the clothes she'd brought into the booth with her.

Renuka dressed and undressed as she tried on the skirts and blouses and each time she took off a blouse she cupped her braless tits and pinched her nipples to keep them hard and erect. She twisted and turned as she looked at herself from all angles in the mirror and a couple of times she spread her legs wide and bent at the waist to pick up a blouse or skirt she'd let fall on the floor. A glance at the mirror showed three men at the rack supposedly looking at slacks, but she knew where their eyes were and it made her hot and wet.

When she had been in there as long as she felt she could get away with she dressed in her own clothes, gathered up the other clothing and left the dressing booth. Renuka made it a point to push her cart past the three men standing at the pants rack pretending to be looking at slacks. They were behind the rack so she couldn't see their tented trousers, but she knew they had major hard ons and that is all that mattered to her.

That night Rajesh was again reduced to an exhausted wreck.


Monday at lunch break she met with the others and they discussed car pooling. Mohan decided that it really wouldn't work for him so that left Mahesh, Vikram, Suresh, Sunil and her. They looked at a map of the area and decided that the Sears parking lot at the Pine Valley Mall would be the most central place for all of them to meet. They would all drive to the mall so to be there by seven, park at the back of the lot and drive to school from there. They decided to start the very next day and then they drew lots to set up the rotation. She ended up being the first, followed by Vikram, Sunil, Mahesh and then Suresh.

When lunch was over and everyone got up to return to work Mahesh had held her back.

"This changes some things, but one thing hasn't changed and that is our little Monday and Thursday meetings. I'll be driving my conversion van so I'll get mine when we get back to the mall parking lot. How you will take care of Vinod is up to you. See you tonight."

Mahesh's reminding her of what was expected of her put a damper on her desire to pick a boy to tease during her free hour and as a result she was sitting in her classroom alone and grading papers when Vinod came into the room. Renuka looked up at him and he said:

"Mahesh tells me you won't be staying after school any more so here's what we're gonna do. After tonight I'll expect you in my office at this time every Monday and Thursday from now on. You got that?"

All she could do was nod a yes and Vinod turned and left. She pushed the papers aside and sat there, staring out over the empty classroom, and tried to think of a way to get out from under the thumbs of Mahesh and Vinod.

Renuka met the two men in Vinod's office after school and both men fucked her twice. She hated letting them see it, but they gave her three orgasms before they were done. She left the room sexually satisfied and so Rajesh got a free night out of it.


Tuesday she was at the Pine Valley Mall parking lot at ten to seven. Vikram was already there and within the next five minutes the other three showed up. It was a new experience for her being the only woman in such close proximity with four men. The were able to spread out in her Suburban and she wondered what it was going to be like with all four of them in something smaller, like Vikram's Honda Accord.

The four men spent the trip talking about baseball while she concentrated on her driving. It didn't take her long to realize that the trips were going to be dominated by male conversation and she was going to be pretty much a spectator. Renuka had no interest in any of the balls: base, foot or basket, and hockey (pardon the pun) left her cold. She also wasn't going to be able to contribute when it came to hunting, fishing, golf or car talk. She decided that she had better remember to bring a book to read on the days it was her turn to ride instead of drive.

She had a bad day that day and she didn't spend any time teasing the boys in the front row. All she could think about was being forced to have sex with Mahesh and Vinod and it soured her.

As she steered the Suburban toward the mall she thought about ways to get out from under the blackmail of Mahesh and Vinod. The one she would have loved to do was to shoot both of them in the cock and balls, but as much as she would have enjoyed that she didn't really want to go to jail because of it.


Mahesh managed to ruin her Wednesday without saying a word. He sat on the front seat, leaning against the door and just watched her. Renuka knew he was planning something and she was certain that she wasn't going to like it. Thursday is when it was sprung on her. Her fourth hour ended and she went into Vinod's office and locked the door behind her. Vinod came out from behind his desk, took his cock out of his pants and sat down on the edge of his desk.

"Come on missy, give me some mouth."

Renuka took a deep breath, let it out and walked over to him. She was just bending to take him in her mouth when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked and saw Ajit standing there and starting to unzip his trousers.

"What is he doing here" she demanded.

"That was the deal. He only agreed to talk with Mahesh because we promised him a taste."

"No! There is no way I am going to do that."

"Missy, you don't have a choice. You do it or we go to the office on you."

"So go asshole, because I'm not going to do it and since you are going to go to Admin anyway I don't have to be here."

Renuka turned and headed for the door and Vinod hollered after her, "You best rethink this missy."

"Fuck you" she snarled as she stalked out of the room.

That evening when the rest of the car poolers were gone Mahesh told her to move over to the van.


"Vinod told me I might have trouble with you tonight. We need to get something straight here Renuka. You are in no position to be giving me and Vinod grief. I will follow through on my threat. You will fuck us when we say or I will report you to administration."

"And you think that I care? If I had let you get away with what tried to do this afternoon I could end up in jail.
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